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Working Man's Soul 2
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Black Abbots

Taken from the 1978 album "Black Abbots Live!" (BA400). The Black Abbots started life in Chester during the mid-1960s and a popular mix of comedy and music soon got them noticed. Opportunity Knocks viewers took them to their hearts in 1969 and a smattering of 45rpm releases followed around the turn of the 70s for several cheapie labels, including Chapter 1 and Evolution - without much success, possibly as they showcased the more serious side of the band, centred around vocalist Clive Jones, rather than the muck-about comedy of centrepiece Russ Roberts who also manned the drum stool. Their TV appearances were a different story altogether and a succession of top-rated one-off specials for Yorkshire Television saw the Black Abbots right up there with The Grumbleweeds or The Barron Knights as top light entertainment fodder, and those of a certain age will recall their first exposure to the likes of Cooperman and CU Jimmy on the many variety TV appearances the Black Abbots made during the 1970s. The Abbots' musical output was only added to with a couple more singles and then a solitary live LP on their own label, featuring a rather straightforward selection of covers, the highlight of which is featured here (minus its original bad joke intro). Increasingly, Russ (now Abbot) began making solo TV comedy appearances and the parting of the ways with the rest of the band came in 1980. Russ Abbot's Madhouse was just around the corner, dear listener, not the mention his own - gulp - solo chart efforts. The Black Abbots continued on the cabaret circuit for many years and have only recently called it a day, while Russ has recently featured on stage in The Producers and is shortly due to collect his pension in Last of the Summer Wine.

Black Abbots - Black Abbots Live!